Protect Your Smile!

Mouthguards cover the teeth in order to protect them from injury. Mouth guards are important to protect the teeth of both adults and youth who play contact or recreational sports, such as basketball, boxing, field hockey, skateboarding, mountain biking, etc. Mouth guards usually cover only the top teeth. Guards for the bottom teeth are also available and may be recommended if you have braces or other dental appliances or concerns.

For people who grind their teeth at night, night guards are an easy way to protect the teeth. Despite the immediate discomfort that can come from grinding your teeth, there are also several long-term complications that can arise due to the constant pressure on the teeth and jaw. If you find yourself grinding your teeth, contact us to schedule a consultation to see if a mouthguard or night guard would be beneficial to your dental health. Custom mouth guards and night guards are made based on a mold of your teeth and mouth that provides a closer, more comfortable fit.