Welcome to Wilmington Holistic Dentistry

Wilmington Holistic Dentistry defines holistic dentistry as dentistry with a focus on safe materials. It’s not a specialty of dentistry; rather, it’s a scope of general dental practice. Dentistry is traditionally a profession where doctors “create voids” in teeth and fill them with foreign materials. These materials range from mercury-laden metals to BPA-containing plastics. Wilmington Holistic Dentistry focuses on selecting safe materials

Additionally, Wilmington Holistic Dentistry expands the definition of holistic dentistry to understand the role of dentistry in whole body health and each patient that is cared for obtains a full assessment of health status prior to the recommendation of any restorative dentistry. We recognize the need for safe and healthy alternatives to dentistry and we offer IAOMT-accredited and SMART mercury-filling removals. We offer some pH testing and nutritional counseling, fluoride free dentistry and consultations for any types of dental care desired. We also have a three-dimensional cone beam radiograph to assess airways and bony defects, such as cavitation’s and failing root canals. Patients may find the care they receive in the practice to be detail-oriented with clear explanations of treatment with full risks and benefits.



Comprehensive Dental Services