You Deserve a Crown!

Sometimes if a tooth experiences a fracture or has a large mercury filling with a fracture, we may recommend a crown for the tooth. At Wilmington Holistic Dentistry, we offer only all-ceramic crowns as the most biocompatible material.  Mercury fillings shrink and expand differently than natural tooth structure.  The cumulative effect of years of mercury fillings and drinking hot and cold liquids can sometimes cause microfractures in the teeth.  If a mercury filing is being removed from a tooth with a large mercury filling, the tooth may need a partial or full coverage ceramic restoration (crown or onlay).  We treatment plan each tooth for the individual and always choose the more conservative method possible for restoration.

Bridges are used when there are multiple teeth missing in a row. A bridge is created when crowns are placed on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth. The end crowns are the support for the crown (or crowns) in the middle. We craft many of the bridges in our office so they appear as natural as your original teeth. We also cover care and maintenance regimens for your crown or bridge to keep them looking natural and healthy.

Missing teeth can cause a lot of issues with everyday activities. Bridges can help with your ability to chew properly, speak correctly, and can help your face keep a proper shape – preventing facial collapse. Without a bridge, teeth may move from their proper position into the gap between your teeth, which only leads to further oral health difficulties.